The Big Easy

19 08 2010

So I am sure you thought I forgot about you, but as you can imagine getting settled has kept me quite busy.  My friend and I arrived in Nola and then 3 days of shopping, unpacking, organizing, sight-seeing, and concert going ensued.  I have to reiterate what great friends I have! Love you!

I’ve also gotten to know my roommates, some classmates that live nearby, my class schedule, how to use the streetcar, running courses, and the cities best Jazz places.  While I won’t paint New Orleans as the perfect city, it is definitely a great place to be, especially in  your youth.  Let’s just say I totally see how the city got it’s nick name.

I’m definitely glad I moved down 2 weeks before orientation and had a chance to get acclimated to the city and get organized without having the responsibility of orientation and assignments.  I feel fresh and ready to tackle the semester ahead.  Two of my family members came to visit 2 days before orientation began, it was great to have familiar faces and to be able to show them around my new home. That’s right I’m already adopting New Orleans so I hope it loves me back 🙂

Unlike most law schools, Tulane has a week long orientation. I know, what can we do for a week, right? Well a lot, I’m so glad they spaced out the sessions because it gave us time to get to know our classmates and take care of non-class related errands.  Since I am late posting this, I am almost through orientation and will post a synopsis of each day this weekend. Yes, we have homework for the first day of classes so I’m off to study. Being in the Big Easy and stuck in the library, I can tell this year is going to be a great tease!




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19 08 2010

Wow, this sounds EXACTLY like me last week! My real classes don’t start next week too but I definitely have homework for all of them already. Good luck this year!

20 08 2010

They definitely don’t waste any time reminding us that we are 1Ls. It makes me more nervous for next week once assignments will be multiplied, but hopefully it won’t take too long to get into a study groove. Did you complete your assignments for next week already? Good luck to you too!

27 08 2010
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