Can you schedule too much or never enough?

27 07 2010

This is my last week before I am officially a New Orleans resident and I am both nervous and excited.  I am currently tying up all the loose ends and packing.  Today I have to renew my AAA membership, order a mattress, and finish laundry.  Tomorrow I am taking my car to get serviced, and going to the post office to have my boxes shipped.  Thursday, I am going to the hair salon after work and then a last dinner with the friends before the road trip begins super early Friday morning.

One of my close college friends and I are driving my car down to New Orleans and staying a couple of nights in Atlanta.  I just want to get down to New Orleans and get all setup before classes start.  My plan is to get into a routine from the first week I get there and keep it up for the semester.  Since Tulane does not give out schedules until orientation, I just have a rough idea of how I want my days to go, once I know my class times I can adjust accordingly.

Rough idea of schedule


  • 6:30am Wake up
  • 7-7:45am Work Out
  • 7:45am Shower, make smoothie
  • 8:30am-5pm Classes, use day time to study when not in class
  • 5:30-6:30 Dinner/Break
  • 6:30-9:30 Study
  • 10pm Bed

I know a lot of people may think I am crazy to plan to be in bed by 10pm every night but I believe that as long as I use the day time hours effectively it will be manageable to not have to pull all-nighters or study into the wee hours of the night.  Occasionally, I know there may be late nights but I want those to be the anomaly.  I’ve had the opportunity to work full-time for a few years between undergrad and law school and know the importance of a work life balance.  While others may be taking a break after classes or checking facebook between classes I will use that time to work on assignments to ensure my work is complete in a timely fashion.  Also, as the blog name suggests, I also care about beauty and would not want to come out of the law school experience overweight or generally unhealthy because I did not take the time to invest in my own well-being as I invested in my career.  I definitely belive in a holistic approach to life and would never want to fall so behind in my studies that I believed that I “didn’t have time to work out.”  Even a daily 20 minute jog on the treadmill can make a huge difference in one’s looks and how one feels.


  • 9am Work Out
  • 10am Get Dressed
  • 11am-2pm Library
  • Rest of Day Free time

I plan to make Saturday evening my 1 going out night a week.  So whether it is dinner with friends, a cultural event, or exploring NOLA I will plan to do it on Saturday evenings.


  • Morning – Church
  • noon Work out
  • 2pm-8pm Library
  • 8pm-10pm Study time or Free time if I am already done for the day
  • 10pm Bed

My goal on Sundays will be to outline, clean up notes, and finish any assignments that I may not have had time to finish for the upcoming week.  The 2 extra hours in the schedule will hopefully ensure that I begin the week on a positive note and don’t have to stay up later than 10pm.

I’ll reference this post later in the semester to see if I am able to keep a schedule close to the ideal one I typed up for myself.  I’d love to hear tips that other law students used to have a balanced existence while completing their first year.




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27 07 2010
Style Bent

I’m a fellow 1L with a similar penchant for having a proactive schedule. Agree, its imperative to keep the balance. Whether or not the plan works out will be evident in a few short weeks!

27 07 2010

It’s nice to know there are others out there like me. We’ll have to let me know how it works out for you. I like your blog and will definitely be checking it out!

27 07 2010

This is great! Balance is the key to a happy, healthy and successful life. Just realize though that balance is relative to the person-and maybe yours involves only one night out per week and a gazillion hours studying but everyone has to find their own.

I know from experience that any type of graduate program is hard work and you really have to believe in your dreams to make it happen. My only request is that you, no matter how bad finals suck or the lighting in the library is causing retinal damage, still enjoy every second of this amazing experience…

P.S. this will make a great 1L guide one day!

20 08 2010

I’m definitely trying to balance. My biggest obstacle will be working out, studying efficiently, and getting 8 hours of sleep consistently. Your advice is always so sage and I will re-read it every time I feel overwhelmed 🙂

30 07 2010
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